The current COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every area of our lives. Whether you’re having to work from home or struggling to get essential food, it’s hard to stay positive in these unsettling times. Could you do with some help on how to stop feeling overwhelmed? If so our 5 ways to really relax during self-isolation, could be just what you need.

Create a calm space for personal retreat

What with working at home, and schools being closed, many homes can feel very overcrowded. If you’re starting to feel the stress, then creating a relaxation zone in a corner of a room, can really help.  If possible, try to pick a space that gets bathed in sunshine. Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, is a perfect pick-you-up. Free your relaxation zone from any unwanted clutter. A clear space will help clear your mind. Add little touches such as scented candles or oil diffusers, and rich green leafed plants. A soft blanket or cushion to snuggle into will be perfect too!

Dust off your cookbooks, and get baking


Good old home cooking not only smells nice it tastes nice too. There really is nothing better than the smell of home cooking wafting through your house. Cooking is known to be food for your soul too. Why not set up your own MasterChef, Bake Off or Ready Steady Cook challenges for all the family to compete in? Make the prize a takeaway of the winner’s choice. The more fun you make it, the more relaxed you will become.

Plan a weekly film night

There’s nothing better that snuggling down on the sofa to watch a good movie. Coming together and enjoying a film with loved ones in your home, is a really easy way to relax.  You could even have set nights for different film types. Monday could be for romance, Tuesday for action and so on. Make Saturday night the special night, and maybe bake some special treats too!

Cover your fridge in happy photos


Arguably, the fridge is one of the most visited places in any home. Plaster your fridge in happy photos of your family, friends and pets. Get everyone involved and make it a weekly challenge for everyone in the family to put their favourite photo up.  Being greeted by happy, funny photos each time you reach for the milk, will cheer you up. If you don’t have enough photos, why not put up drawings or paintings?

Give your mind and body a workout

It’s important for everyone’s well-being to have a healthy mind and a healthy body. Indeed, the two go cap in hand. Take time to look after your mind, by practicing relaxation techniques. If you have a smart watch, see if it has a breathing app. Regular deep breathing relaxes muscles and eases tension. If you don’t have a smart watch, the NHS website offers excellent advice on breathing exercises.  Likewise, it is equally important to give your body a workout too. Regular exercise strengthens your heart, lungs and muscles, and will help you sleep better too.

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